Welcome to online application system. To begin the application process,
please note the following instruction:

I consent to the TaiwanICDF transferring information provided by me to its internal personnel, to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Republic of China (Taiwan), and to my country’s embassy or representative office in Taiwan, for statistical purposes and to generate and store a record of emergency contact information.

Step1. Code Login.

Step2. Enter Application Data.

Step3. Confirm the information you just entered and print out the application form.

Step4. Submit the application form to the ROC (Taiwan) Embassy/ Representative or Taiwan Technical Mission (only for stakeholders participating in TaiwanICDF projects or applicants already under instruction to submit their documents to a Taiwan Technical Mission) Office in your country after printing out.

If your computer does not install Microsoft Word 2003 (or above), please download and install Word Viewer. You can use Word Viewer to view and print Microsoft Word document.

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